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September 28, 2006



“…return to a moody minimalism“ – wonder how that will look like.

I think it is important to look ahead – not to invent a new style but to think about broader issues like social or political ones.

infinite artifice

returning to moody minimalism makes sense after all the deer heads and flowers. designers spend a lot more time looking so they get tired a lot faster. we talked about this in theory a bit last week--how if you watch carefully enough you can usually tell what's coming next. i think what's happening socially, politically and economically is always part of it. the interesting things about trends are the forces that contribute to them and how they're talking to each other amongst different manifestations of visual culture. also New York is a really fun place to watch trends because of the pedestrian street culture which allows them to cycle more visibly then in LA.

Florencio Zavala

but it's overwhelming in new york. i found myself lost in a sea of good looking people. made it all look super boring. then I looked at a friend of mine who is kind of a square. he looked like the coolest guy there. is this the next big thing? how do you dress like a normal person?

Cassandra Chae

does being in la v. ny make us less willing to keep up with what's trendy? or is it simply a matter of what's more privately important? i find that the expansive space (or the disconnect as la tsk-tskers have described it) is an advantage as a creative thinker. la gives me time to breathe, to stretch and experiment with what i like and then see how subcultures embrace or reject trends.

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