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October 11, 2006


infinite artifice

i like this idea a lot Christine! there is an artist, Mary Temple, who after Sep 11th thought about how abstract numbers can be, particularly numbers of victims. so she drew 1,000,000 million elipses, which took her a few years. but it makes me think of this idea of making every ID by hand to actually experience and connect with the individuals.


infinite artifice

oh i didn't mean exactly by hand, just the idea of making each ID however you decide to make it.

and i wonder what's better a systematic approach or a individualized one. i think perhaps more individualized. maybe even expressive not just in the form of text but in other ways. like if you read about them and made images that somehow evoke each person based on the description. so that each is your own portrait of them, just as the memorial is so much about your own experience and memory of the event. it's an interesting challenge to make a system that allows for a lot of individuality, difference and uniqueness.

Cassandra Chae

stay on this thread! you've struck something really intriguing. the only question i have at the moment, is how will you clarify your own definition of memorial? the sketches are an indication of what direction you're taking. but will you rely solely on your visual process to define what your point of view (and eventually your statement) will be? i ask this mainly as a way to find a spark for my own process since i'm coming from a place that's all about my visual collection, and i'm having difficulty clarifying what my point of view is . . . sorry this is so confusing. but i think you're definitely onto something!

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